We are committed to making VDS a safe place to dance!

Please find our Safe and Flexible Dance Plan along with our COVID-19 policies below.


1 - Make sure to screen your dancer before arriving at VDS. If experiencing ANY COVID-19 symptoms, please do not attend. Dancers must follow CDC guidelines for ending quarantine and returning to VDS.
2 - Come dressed to dance and wait outside the grey door. Our waiting area is closed to parents. An instructor will open the door for dancers to enter.
3- Wear a mask when entering VDS and bring a water bottle.

Instructors will check in each dancer at the door.
1- Dancers will be given hand sanitizer as they enter and directed to the studio for class.
2- At any point, VDS may take the temperature of dancers upon arrival to ensure our dancers safety. If a dancer has a temperature over
100.4, a parent will be called

All dancers must wear masks to enter and exit the studio and while waiting for class to begin. Dancers will be required to maintain a safe distance at all times during class. During times of high transmission, dancers ages 5 and up will be required to wear masks during class unless vaccinated. Mask breaks will be given during class for dancers to relax and stretch. Dancers will be allowed to take off masks for pictures and performance videos.

Dancers will be asked to wear masks as they exit the studio. All dancers will exit out of the Studio C (purple) door. An instructor will make sure a parent is waiting before allowing dancers to exit. Please make sure we have your cell phone number in case of emergency.