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The Movement Arts Program at VDS was created to take dance and movement out of the studio and bring it into the classroom. It is movement for every child. We have been offering classes with Henrico County Parks and Recreation for more than 20 years. We also offer a variety of classes for pre-school programs, day care centers and school groups. Classes in our VDS Move Program utilize the art form of dance to enhance learning and offer an outlet for creative and musical expression. Every kid yearns to move and create. Many have a preconceived idea of what dance is and who it is for but the reality is that is for everyone and the benefits are tremendous!


Dance has many styles and techniques but the creative process and structure is one that simply utilizes the body as a tool for creative expression. Our VDS team of instructors have many styles and talents to offer their students and they all work together to share the benefits of movement arts. For more information on this program, please email Melissa Gravely.

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