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The Village Dance Studio (VDS) Program is an eight month program for dancers ages 3-18. Classes run September to May and include a Spring Performance. All of the classes are age appropriate and have been developed to challenge dancers both technically and creatively. At VDS, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to grow and develop in ways the arts uniquely provide. Our program educates, challenges and inspires in a personal, non-competitive atmosphere of learning and fun. For more than 25 years, thousands of young Richmonders have come through our doors. The benefits to them are obvious and lifelong.



The VDS Program begins with the basic fundamentals of dance and movement and each class is directed by a syllabus that is developmentally appropriate and balances technique and creativity. The program offers a variety of styles to teach skill, coordination, rhythm and strength; allowing young dancers to build a strong foundation in dance over a number of years. Classes are offered in Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Ballet & Tap, Tap Groove, Dance Medley, Ballet Groove and Jazz & Ballet.


The VDS Program offers opportunities for dancers ages 8 and above. From beginning to advanced levels, dancers can enjoy classes in classical ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and modern. Classes offer a strong foundation in dance technique in a relaxed yet structured atmosphere where the lines of the body are sculpted but the intent of the movement is honored. For more serious dancers, we offer additional programs such as the Advanced Dancer’s Program and the Village Performing Company. Dancers are selected for these programs by application and audition.

OPENS MAY 1, 2024



The Company provides dancers, ages 8 and above, performance experience and knowledge from basic through advanced levels. The focus of this class is to educate dancers on the skills of performing, choreography and theatrical production. These elements are touched upon but not fully developed in the technique classes. To meet the technical demands of choreography in this class, dancers must also participate in a technique class of ballet or jazz. Classical ballet training and dance conditioning are required in the more advanced groups. Each year the Company presents its own unique Winter Concert with choreography selections by students as well as instructors. Dancers perform in other various venues as well as the Annual Spring Performance. Auditions for the Company are held in May.



Dancers are selected for this program based on their abilities, commitment to dance and desire to learn. Dancers are required to study the disciplines of classical ballet, contemporary jazz and dance conditioning. Rhythmic tap and modern dance are also offered by not required. This program incorporates workshops in dance history, improvisation, nutrition and offers the opportunity to work with various guest artists.



Our VDS team works to create new and original choreography for our dancers.  

The Village Performing Company presents an Annual Winter Concert each year with unique choreography
created by instructors and students. 

A beloved VDS tradition, our Annual Spring Performance is presented in late April at the Carpenter Theatre at Dominion Energy Center.

We present this creative event to showcase of all of our VDS Program dancers work.

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