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VDS Dance at Home Links

I hope everyone is staying healthy and that our VDS moms are not going crazy yet. I know I have had quite a time adjusting to having all 3 of my boys at home. From planning Video Dance Classes to breaking up boy fights to running out of food, it has been a little crazy. I am happy to report that no one at VDS has been sick and we are all working to get some good dance links up for our families as soon as possible. We want to keep our dancers moving during this time and practicing their Spring Performance choreography. I know that many places are just canceling events right and left. I want to assure you that I have already been in contact with the Modlin Center and we will not cancel our show. At a worst case scenario we will reschedule but our show will go on!!!

I am currently working to get some fun videos up for our dancers to practice at home but in the meantime dancers all over the country are posting free classes. So I wanted to create a space where we could share those with you.

Check out the following fun ballet warms ups ...

Live Ballet Classes

If you haven't tried the Calm App. try it out now. It is great for kids!

ALSO check out our own DTV for VDS dance videos.

More to come :)


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